Co-founder with Joolz Sparkes of London Undercurrents. Our joint collection is published by Holland Park Press in March 2019. You can buy the book here.

indoors looking out, a collaboration with artist Stephen Graham featuring haiku and tanka written during lockdown, published May 2020 by lower case press. You can buy the booklet here.

Highly Commended in the 2019 Live Canon International Poetry Prize, judged by Zaffar Kunial, for my poem A Cure for Rosesickness.

Highly commended in the 15th Elmbridge Literary Competition 2019/20 for my poem Rescued. You can read all the prize winning short stories and poems here.

In December 2018 I won first prize in the inaugural City Harvest poetry competition.

I was Poet in Residence at Thrive Battersea for Open Garden Squares Weekend 2016, and also Chelsea Fringe 2017. You can read a bit about this in an article I wrote for the autumn issue of Battersea Matters (on page 10).

Triptych Poets (October 2010). This inaugural volume from Blemish Books includes a suite of my poems, Things Mended, alongside the work of two other Australian poets, Ray Liversidge and Mary Mageau. “Things Mended evokes whole-heartedly the quotidian of family life — and the small shames of childhood, recollected later.” – Geoff Page

In 1995, I won second prize in the Poetry Postcard Quarterly competition. You can view the postcard of the poem here.

As well as appearing in the following publications, my poems have been displayed on London’s buses.

On line

In Other News – Write Across London map

The building is angry – 21st Century Poetry (Morning Star)

Nativity Play – Ink, Sweat and Tears

daily dose – Words for the Wild

Instructions for Fallow Times – Words for the Wild

specifications for an orchard – Words for the Wild

my quiet – Nutshells and Nuggets

park yourself here – Words for the Wild

Thrive Battersea & At Heart, The Squirrel is a Vampire – Re-Mixed Borders Poetry School pamphlet

The Data Quality Analyst’s Lot – And Other Poems

A river runs through this site – Card Alpha issue 2

Two poems in morphrog issue 13

Sacked from Cook’s Confectioners – Ink Sweat & Tears

Mrs Despard Gets My Vote – Well Versed

My Mother On Horseback & Specifications for an Orchard – Ol’Chanty issue 24

Jardinière Manquée & Garden Swap Shop – Mixed Borders Poetry School pamphlet

A moot point – The Poetry Shed

Reborn – The Stare’s Nest

Letter from Battersea – The Stare’s Nest and also Well Versed

Rising – And Other Poems final wave of holiday poems

Two poems on And Other Poems

The Hard Way – Ink Sweat and Tears (first published in Triptych Poets)

Vacated – Fabelist issue 2


Words of Wandsworth, 2021

Live Canon 2019 Anthology

uncommon – An Anthology by Clapham Original Poets

Words for the Wild anthology, July 2018

The Pocket Poetry Book of Suffrage, Paper Swans Press, May 2018

The Quality of the Moment – Winning and Commended Poems from the Red Shed Open Poetry Competition 2018, Currock Press, May 2018. My poem The Sheffield Man was highly commended.

The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts, May 2017

The Emma Press Mildly Erotic Verse, February 2016 (UK)

The Emma Press Anthology of Age, October 2015 (UK)

Genius Floored: Notes While Waiting, Soaring Penguin Press, June 2015 (UK)

Loose Muse Anthology of New Writing by Women vol. 2, September 2012, and vol. 3, April 2013 (UK)

Velocity: the Best of Apples & Snakes, Black Spring Press, November 2003 (UK)

Eating Your Cake …. And Having It, Fatchance Press, November 1997 (UK)


Here Comes Everyone, Volume 10 Issue 1, December 2020

Friends of Battersea Park Review, Issue 117, Autumn/Winter 2020

Channel, Issue 2, July 2020

Finished Creatures, Issue 3, May 2020

Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal, issue 3, March 2020

ARTEMISpoetry, issue 19, November 2017 (UK) – poem ‘Without Weather’ commended in the Second Light Poetry Competition 2017

South Bank Poetry issue 27, September 2017

ARTEMISpoetry, issue 18, May 2017

ARTEMISpoetry, issue 17, November 2016 (UK) – poem ‘In the hairdresser’s chair’ commended in the Second Light Poetry Competition 2016

Brittle Star, issue 39, November 2016 (UK)

Orbis, issue 176, August 2016 (UK)

South Bank Poetry, issue 21, July 2015 (UK)

Brittle Star, issue 36, May 2015 (UK)

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South Bank Poetry, issue 17, November 2013 (UK)

ARTEMISpoetry, issue 8, May 2012 (UK)

Brittle Star, issue 29, November 2011 (UK)

Orbis, issue 156, August 2011 (UK)

ARTEMISpoetry, issue 2, May 2009 (UK): listen to me read my poem The Colonel’s Daughter’s House

Obsessed With Pipework 44, October 2008 (UK)

Brand, issue 1, July 2007 (UK)

Space: New Writing 3, July 2006 (Australia)

Fatchance issues 4, 6 & 10 (UK)

HEAT 6, November 1997 (Australia)

The Affectionate Punch 5, May 1997 (UK)

Magma issues 5 & 6 (UK)

Scratch 13, June 1995 (UK)