Hearts on Ice – published by Serpent’s Tail in 2000.

‘an assuredly realised first novel about roots, loss, blurred identity and the misty terrain of family history… funny and perceptive’ – Attitude

Out of Alloa

Alloa, 1st January 1947. Twenty-one year old apprentice turner Bill Carmodie is given a journal by local firebrand Shona Donaldson, exhorting him to record his “true thoughts” every day. Despite himself, he is drawn into writing in the journal, chronicling the vagaries of his relationship with Shona, and his growing sense of alienation from his tight-knit, devoutly Protestant family. Soon Bill enrols in an evening class in philosophy, taught by the idiosyncratic Vincent Fuoco, and, as the worst winter in living memory unleashes snow and chaos across the country, he is plunged deeper into self-doubt. Out of Alloa follows Bill’s emotional and intellectual journey over that winter and spring until he makes a decision that will change his life forever.
Out of Alloa is currently seeking a publisher.