half a dozen joys

It’s not been the easiest year, but here are a few things that have brought me joy:

Flickerbook by Leila Berg, published by CB editions. I have read quite a lot this year but this is the book that immediately comes to mind as my favourite. I loved it from the very first page. Berg’s autobiography is so sharp, vivid, funny and believable. It really gave me a sense of being inside the mind of a very young, very curious girl, growing up in the Jewish community in Manchester in the early 20th century. Truly a joy to read, even as the story gets darker as the rise of fascism and the Second World War overshadow her adolescence.

The Beatles’ song Blackbird performed by tenor Allan Clayton with the Aurora Orchestra. I’m not a big Beatles fan but when I heard this version on Radio 3 I was captivated. You can listen to it here. I could listen to it on repeat all day.

Mending my own clothes. Yes, I can sew on a button, maybe stitch a bit of a hem that’s come unstitched. This year I have tackled slightly more tricky repairs, inspired by Repair What You Wear, in an attempt to extend the wear of clothes I already own and love. I’ve darned a lot of holes in my jumpers, and restitched the seams on pair of gloves, which were coming apart where the thumb joins the main part of the glove. They’re not invisible repairs, I expect I’ll be re-darning some of those holes, but I find the process meditative and rewarding.

Gazing up at the sky. Or gazing out of the window at dawn, seeing the sky lighten and briefly smoulder as the sun rises. The sky over the River Thames. Clouds, sunsets, contrails. All this colourful changing drama for free. Never fails to lift my spirits. Well, okay, some days a sky of low brooding clouds mirrors my state of mind too closely, but mostly, yes, looking up at the sky is a tonic.

Yoga. A new departure for me, and one I probably wouldn’t have tried if not for the free community yoga sessions on my estate delivered by Live Karma Yoga in partnership with The Foundation LBT. I did a couple of sessions last year, but it’s really since the summer this year that I’ve been going regularly. For that hour on my mat, I’m focussed on breathing and following the yoga flow. I’m getting better at balancing on one leg (yay!), and have surprised myself with some of the positions I can achieve. But really it’s about the unconditional support I feel in the group, and focussing on my wellbeing for that one hour in the week.

I took in an orchid plant earlier this year and have kept it alive! Look at this beautiful spread of flowers. All I’ve done is soak it in water for half an hour once a week, and say a few encouraging words to it. I can’t see anymore buds coming through, so its glory days may be over, but it has brought me so much simple joy.

Wishing you and your loved ones brighter days in 2022.

6 thoughts on “half a dozen joys

  1. Jeanne Rathbone

    Hilaire it is lovely to read about your appreciation of simple pleasures and joy in the new things that have impressed you in these times.

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