Tube now arriving at Battersea Power Station station

The new Northern Line extension from Kennington to Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station opened this morning. I’ve lived in Battersea for a long time, and for most of that time I never thought the mooted tube line would arrive, so I was not going to miss this historic day. The first tube out of Battersea Power Station station departed at 5:28 a.m., when I was still fast asleep. I’d heard that the London Mayor Sadiq Khan was due to arrive at the BPS terminus at 8:30, with the Battersea Power Station Community Choir lined up to sing on the platform as his tube drew in, and assumed this would be VIPs only. When I rocked up at the Battersea Power Station entrance around 8:45, there were lots of people milling around and a real buzz in the air. I met the first passenger to arrive at the station on the through train from Mill Hill East, Peter Torre, and also managed to snap Sadiq Khan.

Then I headed down the long escalators and set off on my first trip on the Northern Line extension. I travelled through to Kennington, then crossed platforms and after a short wait got the tube one stop back to Nine Elms. Here I alighted and walked around the nearby streets and edge of New Covent Garden Market, and found that Arch 42 is open, but yet to be transformed by Projects Office. There are also some new hoardings on the walk through New Covent Garden Market to Nine Elms Station with artwork by Anna Nicoló. Another outing then for my Oyster card as I tapped back in at Nine Ems station and waited for the tube back one stop to Battersea Power Station station.

I rounded off my morning with a walk around my manor, checking out the recent changes to the ongoing development of the Battersea Power Station site, and treated myself to an oatmeal flat white in Black Sheep Coffee. More than enough excitement for a Monday morning!

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