getting ‘indoors looking out’ out there

It’s a month since Stephen Graham and I took delivery of our booklet indoors looking out.  I’m delighted that I’ve already sold enough copies to be able to donate £25 to Refuge.

Wandsworth Heritage Service interviewed us – remotely – for their Archives from Home blog. Emma the Archivist emailed me some questions and I texted these to Stephen for his answers. You can read the piece here.

I was also interviewed for the ArtsWatch programme on Riverside Radio, via Skype, which was fun. Towards the end of our chat, the reporter Bev suggested we try to compose a haiku together there and then, which rather threw me. Usually I need coffee, and time to mull and muse with my pen on paper. But after I got over my initial stage fright, we managed to come up with a haiku about our Skype call! The interview is available on Soundcloud.

The feedback we’ve both received has been uplifting. Poet Josephine Corcoran posted this lovely response on Instagram:

Josephine Corocoran Instagram post

And poet friend Claire Booker emailed to say:

Your joyful pamphlet has safely arrived, and is lighting up a corner of my living room. It must have been such fun waiting to see what Stephen would come up with from your created words Your pen and page has certainly colluded well!  I’m very tempted to take some of my favourites out of the pamphlet and put them on my wall. But that would be sacrilege.

One of Stephen’s friends, John Paul Ekins, texted him:

I wanted to write to you to tell you how much we all (I have shared them with many friends) absolutely loved the book of illustrated poems you dropped over the other day. The poems themselves are wonderful (we especially enjoyed the one about the geese and the one with the clouds frolicking like lambs) but really it was your creativity and imagination in the way they are set and illustrated that makes them truly special. Congratulations, a stunning piece of work.

It really is gratifying to see how our work resonates with others. Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy so far – and it’s not too late to get hold of a copy for you or a friend!

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