in Time Out 20 years ago

Nicholas Royle wrote some lovely words about my writing in Time Out back in 1996, as part of a feature profiling four up-and-coming London writers. I’m still not there yet (wherever ‘there’ may be) but the support of people like Nicholas Royle is what keeps most writers (wherever they are) plugging away. My novel The Sea Between never saw the light of day – a good thing in retrospect. A few years later though my next one, Hearts on Ice, did make it into the bookshops. Nicholas Royle is still a great champion of writers and a darn good writer himself. Happy Throwback Thursday!

Scroll right down for an enlarged extract of the bit about me.

Time Out 1996 1

Time Out 1996 2

TO extract


6 thoughts on “in Time Out 20 years ago

  1. Please do share some of your fiction work with us, Hilaire. Perhaps at Loose Muse or Beyond Words? How fascinating that precision and emotional clout were already present in your work back in the 90s. Here’s to the next twenty years! Cx

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