full house

I have guests. Family from Australia, over for a few weeks. Which is fun, exciting, fantastic, and just a little stretching in terms of living space. Five adults and one lively seven and a half year old in a two bedroom flat.

Finished reading Patrick White’s The Aunt’s Story while my niece played downstairs. And last Saturday, after a visit to the local rooftop community garden, we queued for well over an hour in intermittent rain and a chill wind for the 30 minute thrill of the London Eye. My adopted city, resplendent under breaking grey cloud.

A few walks in Battersea Park, family meals squeezed around the fold-out dining table. A change to our normal routines; struggling to keep up to date with my journal, my means of “processing” the day’s events. Behind on my weblog, so this is my excuse, and I’m typing this in Paris, on our last of five days here, back to London tomorrow, where I’ll write more soon.

a tight squeeze

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