the upsides of downpours

We’ve had a lot of rain recently. Slight understatement. And the weather seems to affect my spirits more than it used to. How I loved those grim louring skies when I first moved to London. And I do, still, sometimes, when I’m inside looking out, and not worrying about how drenched I’m going to get cycling to or from work. And in an effort not to be defeated by the weather (I can’t control it after all), I’m embracing the positives of precipitation.

This afternoon, a dramatic rainbow emerged, looking east from my office.  Evanescent and free.

Rainbow over London, 10 July 2012

And this evening, a quick visit to the local Community Roof Garden (in the rain, of course), to see the onion sets I planted a few weeks ago growing strongly. They need those showers!

Onion shoots, Doddington Community Roof Garden

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