a new chapter, and other clichés

I’ve been resisting writing too much about recent personal events (apart from screeds in my private journal), but now that one chapter has closed and a new one is about to open, I thought it high time to chuck a few clichés out there. I’ve been living through them, after all, for the last few strange months. I’ve experienced what I believe is known in psychobabble as a life event – redundancy (after twenty years fairly loyal service). I’ve been on that fabled emotional rollercoaster and I’m more than ready to stumble dizzily off it and move on (new job starts tomorrow). Blessings have been counted (health, secure home, supportive family and friends, truly wonderful true love), and no doubt that I’ve landed on my feet.
So, tomorrow, a new door opens and let’s hope I don’t fall  flat on my face. The biggest change for me is going to be adjusting to full time work after so many years working part time. I’m worried about my work/write balance. But I’ll just have to knuckle down, focus, prioritise and lots of other business-type verbs. Right now, though, I have serious displacement activity to engage in – my inner chef is calling.


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