my brain hurts

In a parallel universe, I have been reading about spaghetti maps, swimlane diagrams, rich pictures, mind mapping, and an astonishing number of acronyms. CATWOE, anyone? PESTLE analysis, MoSCoW, MOST? Welcome to the world of business analysis, where your Boston box contains both a Wild Cat and a Cash Cow, your fishbone diagram could be labelled with four Ms and six Ps, and the Six Sigma business management approach is, perversely, a five step approach. I get a sad little thrill from a reference to Wittgenstein (the duck-rabbit illusion); ditto, the sudden appearance of Weltanschauung in the midst of much business-speak (it’s the W in CATWOE, for sophisticates, otherwise rendered as ‘world view’). I’m so excited to read the phrase ‘passive resistance’ in a paragraph about stakeholders  with ‘high interest [in a business change project] but no power/influence’ (we, the underlings, in other words) that I have to underline it and add a couple of exclamation marks in the margin.
The resistance starts here: a plate of spaghetti and a good book. I might even be ready for Finnegans Wake.


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