autumnal leanings

It’s only the second week of August, yet there’s a definite sense that we’re on the cusp of autumn. There’s a nip to the air in the mornings. The sun is lower in the sky, the shadows are longer, more angled, and by 9 p.m the last light is draining from the sky. Most of the trees are still in leaf, though, and it’s not cool enough yet to be bothering with a jacket or thinking about footless tights. And I’m hoping I’ll fit in a few more outdoor swims at the lido before the water’s too bone-numbingly cold. But sometimes I can almost smell it, the advent of autumn, a fleeting hint of figgy earth. I’m not quite ready to see the back of summer, but I’m enjoying these little foretastes of autumn.


One thought on “autumnal leanings

  1. Pat Sheerin

    Yes, the signs of autumn seemed early this year. The trees are still in leaf but in the wind, the rustling takes on a distinctly drier sound. I usually feel sad (SAD) at this time of year but it hasn’t quite hit me yet. Soon I’ll be counting the days until January when the days start getting longer.

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