As I’ve been trawling through my (worryingly?) comprehensive CV this afternoon to update the Short Stories page, it’s reminded me of so many great little magazines which have fallen by the wayside. R.I.P. PROP (which stood for Poetry, Reviews, Opinions, Prose – a good and interesting balance); em one (writing and music – it came with a cassette, which now seems endearingly quaint. em three, including a contribution from the wonderful Nick Rogers, was more advanced, with a CD attached); aBeSea (large format, edited by Sebastian Boyle); metropolitan (edited by Elizabeth Baines and Ailsa Cox, who always gave me encouraging feedback; fine production values, and unusually only published short stories); Passport (quite a serious and substantial A5 sized magazine; what were they doing publishing me?). And on the Poetry side, PPQ (Poetry Postcard Quarterly – a neat idea, a poem per postcard bound into a booklet, like the books of postcards you can buy at galleries. I wonder how many issues they managed in the end?); Fatchance (edited by Louise Hudson, simple design with Fatchance in red, as if stamped, on a white semi matte cover. I had poems in three different issues, so can’t help feeling affectionate towards the magazine); Scratch (another A5 job, and another encouraging editor, Mark Robinson, from what I can remember, though I only had one acceptance). They are all crammed into my bookshelves, along with other small magazines I’ve dutifully subscribed to over the years. And then, amazingly, some like Magma and Going Down Swinging are still going, and some new ones come onto the scene, such as BRAND, Pen Pusher (damn, haven’t got in there, but I’m probably the wrong ‘demographic’) and [untitled]. Long live the printed page!


One thought on “RIP

  1. Bob Kirkpatrick

    Does anyone remember JENNINGS MAGAZINE (1985 to 1988)? High-quality in terms of both appearance and content, but, like many such enterprises, ran out of money.

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